Imperia Electric Version of SP150 Pasta Machine

The Imperia Electric Version of SP150 Pasta Machine has an electric motor attachment. This makes this already brilliant and mainstay pasta maker into an even better device. We found the motor attachment a little tricky to begin with but soon got the hang of it. Certainly on a par with Marcato and priced very competitively.

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Introduction to the Imperia Electric Version of SP150 Pasta Machine

The Imperia Electric Version of SP150 pasta machine is an upgrade to the already famous Imperia pasta maker. Imperia is a key brand in Italy and is up there with the likes of Mercato. The machine is exceptionally well made and sturdy. When using the electric motor it is no longer necessary to clamp the device to the table top as you won’t be using the manual handle.

The Imperia Electric Version of SP150 pasta machine (as with the manual)  offers 7 pasta thickness settings. The thinnest setting (7) is suitable for ravioli and other stuffed pasta. The mechanism produces  pasta of a uniform thickness without tearing. It also cuts straight through meaning that when the pasta leaves the machine there is no fiddling around trying to separate the strands. The machine has a 6 inch roller and two cutters. The cutters produce thin spaghetti and wide fettuccini which is fairly standard for these type of pasta makers.

The Imperia is also available as a manual only version i.e. without the motor from for .

Assembling the Imperia Electric Version of SP150 Pasta Machine

Since the motor is an add on there is some assembly required. This isn’t complicated in any way but it takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. The handle is replaced by the electric motor which sits in the side of the pasta maker. To hold the motor in place there is a blue guide which holds everything in place. The motor has just one speed (same as the Marcato) which is more than adequate.

The rollers and cutters do come out for ease of cleaning using a brush provided. The machine should not be immersed in water under any circumstances, even with the motor unattached. Cleaning of all pasta makers is always done by allowing the machine to dry and then brushing away the debris.

Using the Imperia Electric Version of SP150 Pasta Machine

Once the motor has been fitted to the Imperia SP150 pasta machine it is pretty much business as usual. The motor runs at a smooth pace which is easy to work with. Because you have both hands free there is a greater sense of control. The whole pasta maker has a feeling of quality and the pasta runs through nice and smoothly.

The thickness controls are easy to adjust. They click through the settings nicely and accurately.


The Imperia pasta maker has always been a mainstay of many Italian kitchens. It works brilliantly and produces excellent results consistently. We did find the motor to be a little bit fiddly compared to the Marcato 08 0155 12 00 Pasta Machine With Atlas Motor but this is only a minor thing and shouldn’t put you off.